The Game Deflators E129 | Weird, Interesting and Obscure Gaming News

This week on the Game Deflators podcast, John and Ryan take a break from the standard gaming news discuss some of the more obscure news of the week. A look into the competitive Tetris scene and the new third playstyle, the Queen’s golden Wii (we laughed too), and likely the creepiest video game easter egg you’ve ever scene in a gaming podcast episode of the weird, interesting and obscure. 

To take things back to normal, the guys play and review Splatterhouse for the TurboGrafx 16. While the game is priced in the $100 range, what did the guys think about its value in comparison to the average TurboGrafx game?


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A New Way to Press NES Controller Buttons Is Shaking Up Competitive Tetris

The Queen’s golden Wii is now up for sale – priced $300,000

Creepy McDonald’s SEGA Genesis game Easter Egg found after 30 years


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