50: The Game Deflators E50 | Top 5 PlayStation 5 Games We Want

This week on the Game Deflators #Podcast, John and Ryan celebrate their 50th episode! Of course the party doesn’t stop there. #PlayStation5 is coming and the duo is way too excited. John and Ryan have decided to rattle off the Top 5 exclusives they want to see hit the #PS5 next generation. To add to this milestone episode, John discusses his completion of Suikoden 2 (Finally…right?) while Ryan talks about the once highly anticipated Little Town Hero, for Nintendo Switch.

You might ask, “What more could you possibly cover?”. Well, if you looked at the thumbnail for episode 50, you probably guessed it. The Game Deflators review Parasite Eve for the #PlayStation 1 in this weeks, Inflation Deflation game of the week.


Listen to Episode 50 for everything above and much more!


Thank you to all the listeners that have kept up with the podcast. The Game Deflators are going to continue to provide content on a weekly basis and keep chugging away at #videogames and #gaming news.


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