The Game Deflators E113 | Gaming Disappointments and Trends to End in 2021

This week on the Game Deflators #podcast, John and Ryan are closing out 2020 by looking forward to 2021 gaming. The duo talks about the video games they are looking forward to in 2021, gaming trends that need to end in 2021 and the most disappointing gaming news of 2020. not to be outdone, the guys discuss Apples Recent Purge of the top 1500 gaming apps and Google roadmap for Stadia

To cap off 2020, the Game Deflators play some RoboCop 3 for the Sega Genesis. This game has shot up in value the last several years, but has the game aged well for its new asking price?


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Anticipated Games for 2021

Disappointments of 2020

App Store Gaming Purge

Google Stadia Roadmap