The Game Deflators E213 | FTC Suing to Block Microsoft Acquisition + Space Hulk 3DO Review

This week on the Game Deflators Podcast John and Ryan discuss the newest news on the Microsoft Activision acquisition as a new twist has come up in the form of a lawsuit . Also on this episode, Steam doesn’t care about special deals with Microsoft, Game Awards 2022 winners and games we were hyped to see at TGA.
Capping off the podcast episode, the guys review Space Hulk for the 3DO. A unique tactical first person shooter, is the difficulty spike as bad as people say it is?
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This Weeks Topics
The Game Awards 2022 results: All the winners
FTC sues to block Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard
Gabe Newell: Steam Isn’t Interested in Agreements Like Xbox’s Nintendo Call of Duty Deal
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