The Game Deflators E218 | Nvidia and Google Join the Microsoft Activision Battle + Spiderman PS1 Review

This week on the Game Deflators Podcast John and Ryan discuss a recent story of a gamer who “swatted himself”, Nintendo’s dominance in Japan and Nvidia and Google joining the fray in the Microsoft Activision acquisition battle. The guys also chat over the long-term value of retro game boxes and manuals as carts and discs alike begin to die off.
Capping off the podcast episode. John and Ryan review Spiderman  for the PS1. A classic action adventure game from the 2000s, does it still hold up today?
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This Weeks Topics
Teenager, 17, accidentally pocket dials 911 while playing tactical shooter video game where he said: ‘I killed two people’ – prompting cops to swarm his home
Nintendo has now dominated Japanese sales for its 18th year in a row
Google And NVIDIA Join Sony To Complain About Microsoft’s Activision Deal
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