The Game Deflators E244 | Will Sony Respond to Microsoft with an Acquisition + Mario Golf Advance GBA Review

This week on the Game Deflators Podcast John and Ryan discuss the outcome of Microsoft’s fight with the FTC and the possible response Sony could have towards the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Additionally the guys discuss the percentage of retro video games “nearing extinction”, video game preservation/accessibility and the baffling pricing of Nintendo video games.
Capping off the episode, the Game Deflators review Mario Golf Advance Tour for the Gameboy Advance. This game comes to the tee as a golf simulator but what makes this game good is not golf. Listen in to find out more.
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This Weeks Topics
Federal appeals court rules Microsoft can close its Activision merger
FTC Trial: Nearly 1 Million Documents Couldn’t Catch Xbox Saying it Would Make Call of Duty Exclusive
Study finds around 87 percent of games are unplayable without resorting to piracy, scavenger hunts, or travelling to an archive
Gaming fans are baffled by Nintendo pricing
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