The Game Deflators E256 | Activision Games are Remaining Multiplatform + Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Review

This week on the Game Deflators Podcast John and Ryan discuss the recent announcement recent comments by Xbox boss Phil Spencer extending an olive branch to gamers and what this could mean long term, the story of a Wii U console being sold in 2023, Mario’s new voice actor, complaints on the PS5 slim and collecting goals.
Capping off the episode, the Game Deflators review Luigi’s Mansion: Dark moon for the Nintendo 3Ds. 
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This Weeks Topics
Phil Spencer extends olive branch to PS5 players as Xbox Activision Blizzard deal closes: “You are welcome here – and will remain welcome”
In The Year 2023, One New Wii U Was Sold
Nintendo Has Revealed Mario’s New Voice Actor
PS5 Slim Is A Lot Smaller Than We Thought
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