The Game Deflators E269 | Nintendo Switch 2 Release Leak? + SpyHunter PS2 Review

This week on the Game Deflators Podcast, John and Ryan react to a suspected leak and likely confirmation of Nintendo’s next console release period. John and Ryan also discuss gaming voice actors being blindsided by a SAG AI deal, AARPs horrible Mario mistake and the most recent D&D session Strathaven
Capping off the episode, the guys review SpyHunter on the PS2. Highly reviewed upon its release, the the game still hold up and is it worth the sub $10 tag?
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This Weeks Topics
Gaming voice actors blindsided by ‘garbage’ union AI deal
GameShark Accidentally ‘Leaks’ Switch 2’s Release Date
AARP’s Horrible AI-Powered Mario Hologram, Explained
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