The Game Deflators E279 | Premium Edition Games 2024 Direct Preview + PSVR2 PC Support

This week on the Game Deflators Podcast, John is joined by Barry Carenza of Premium Edition Games for a discussion on the company’s Spring 2024 direct. During this episode you will hear some behind the scenes details on how the company works with indie developers, the process of creating a the digital event and some of what you can expect to see. Watch the direct Monday, March 25 at 
Also on this episode, the guys also talk about a 75 year old video game streamer’s views on gamin culture, Mario Maker for the Wii U and the likelihood of PSVR2 gaining PC support from Sony.
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Articles Covered
Grumpy gran aged 75 is global Fortnite gaming sensation 
Does PlayStation VR2’s New Firmware Update Suggest PC Support Will Be Direct Via Adapter? 
After 280,000 attempts, the final level of Super Mario Maker turns out to be a fake, and now players can start celebrating a victory they already achieved a week ago
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