The Game Deflators E290 | Summer Games Fest 2024 Takeaways + Evil Prophecy PS2 Review

This week on the Game Deflators Podcast, John and Ryan kick off the episode with a comprehensive review of the 2024 Summer Games Fest, sharing their candid thoughts and insights on the event’s highlights and areas for improvement.
John updates listeners on his journey through Alundra on the PS1, while Ryan unfolds his adventures in Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door.
The conversation continues with the shifting tides in the gaming industry, marking the end of the console wars and the rise of a new battleground: the handheld wars.
Wrapping up, the duo puts McFarlane’s Evil Prophecy for the PS2 under the microscope. Despite the game’s notoriously low reviews, John and Ryan dissect whether it truly merits such a harsh reception. Tune in to find out if this underdog deserves a second chance!
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