The Game Deflators E57 | Top 5 Games of 2019

This week on the Game Deflators #podcast, John and Ryan continue their discussions on BluePoint #games and the speculation that is their upcoming #PS5 Project. Will we see a Legend of Dragoon remake or Demon Souls Remastered? Will this secret project be revealed at Sony’s State of Play? The guys also discuss the miracle of the newest Steam title, I Am Jesus Christ. no, we aren’t kidding! 

To cap of the episode, the duo takes a look back at 2019 and their favorite games reviewed during the year. What made the cut and why? And of course who can forget the beloved Inflation Deflation Game of the Week? To continue the #StarWars Moth celebration, John and Ryan play Super Return of the Jedi on #SNES. IS the game with it’s $11 price point?


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I Am Jesus Christ Game


PlayStation State of Play