The Game Deflators E98 | Will PS5 be the Best Selling Console of All Time & How Do We Stop Bots?

Some analysts believe the PS5 will sell 200M units, Sony showcases more PS5 games along with apologizing for the botched PS5 pre-orders, and bots have purchased all the 30 series GPUs in one of the most scrambled video game weeks in recent memory. This week on the Game Deflators podcast, John and Ryan dive deep into these crazy topics and tie it into how companies and retailers should handle the pre-ordering woes consumers face consistently.

To cap off the episode, the guys play MTV’s Celebrity Death Match for the PlayStation 2. If you are a 90’s kid, you won’t want to miss out on this week’s inflation deflation game of the week.


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Sony Announcements

PS5 to Sell 200M Units

Nvidia 3080 Bots


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